Surgeries can be scary. More so for kids. Medical tests and surgeries can be a major cause of anxiety and confusion for a child. As a parent, you want your child to feel comfortable and well prepared about this one inevitable procedure. But not all of us are psychologists. So what’s the right thing to do?

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When it comes to our loved ones, we tend to get expert help. That’s where a child psychologist comes in handy. So how can a psychologist help us prepare our child for surgery? Let’s find out.

The very first step in preparing a child for surgery is to understand his/her psychology. Here, it’s highly advisable to hire a psychologist expert in understanding child behavior. Such psychologists know every detail of the procedure your child is going to undergo. They know exactly what to talk to your kids and how to answers their questions. They are the best people to deal with any and every emotional and behavioral issues that your child is facing and provide therapy if necessary. Moreover, a psychologist can be your child’s best friend before and after the surgery as well.

Child PsychologistListed below are the most critical ways a psychologist can extend support for your child.

  1. Understanding and supporting your child’s psychological status through counseling and therapy.
  2. Addressing the questions of the child and explaining them in a language they can easily understand.
  3. Suggesting important measures for parents and siblings to follow at home.
  4. Providing educational and informative resources for the family to aid the kid.
  5. Suggesting any additional instructions or therapy before or after the surgery to ensure a child’s mental health.

Surgeries can be disturbing for each one of us. Our children are obviously more prone to emotional breakdowns before surgery. An expert child psychologist is hence highly recommended to prepare a child for surgery.